Felony resume help

Someone played a prank and attempted to set the porch of a house on fire.What they do deserve is an honest days work for an honest days pay.Of course there would be a few exceptions depending on the job, but enough is enough.

You have that little box on the applications that you are now compelled to check off about your ccriminal history.When employers say they are going to run a background check, and this goes for landloards too, they are often bluffing.Let me give you my various thoughts on how you should proceed and hopefully one of these ideas will lead you down the right path.I believe that all of you have skills and a trade to flourish, unfortunately we as individual allow society to characterize you to your crime.Hundreds of free resume examples written by professional resume writers.

Under the circumstances of our poor choices to do the crime, I am not my crime but a choice that I mistakenly did, ignorance to the fact my choice has a domino effect to hurt others, a lesson that I experience because of me and now I have God as my guide.Yes to be honest suicide has cross my mind but if I do that many of my friends and families would be devastated of my actions an not knowing the pain inside of me.However, there are some ex-felon apprenticeship programs that can help ex-felons resume life outside of prison.I am a master of my trade with excelent work history, as well as referances.If you do get audited, feed a bs line on how you are breaking even after fertilizers and herbicides and failed crops and fungicides and pesticides and all that.I will now have to live in a shelter with on hope and no chance of a better day.

A Felony, once served should never be a life sentence and individuals should be restored.What States are the easiest to get Fidelity and Surety Bonds.I am in the process of starting an organization the will help get you to where you want to be.He has been completely honest about his mistake and has never sought to deceive any potential employer by hiding his felony record.The last option is to leave the United States for a more compassionate country that will accept you.

You can live primitively out there too, like in a geronimo style scout pit, until you have some money coming.I did not even get one interview when I was honest about my past, so, I decided to try lying, and it worked.I try desperately to resist the urge but I honestly feel as if I have to do something dishonest in order to pay the bills.

Cool resume images exoffenders jobs Resume Help For Ex Felons.Look for smaller businesses since they are less likely to spend the money doing a background check.

I do have a valid license in my state but cannot get licensed in other states.Use your resume to show that you want to learn and that you want to contribute.The irony is that now I am an employment consultant and training specialist for folks who are in the same boat or worse.

You pose a risk to a business and to the general public when an employer takes you on, no one assumes the risk but the employer and it could end up backfiring in their face.Over the years finding good employment while avoiding the issue of background checks has been hell to say the very least.It would be a non profit organization focusing on training ex-felons on how to be self sufficient at running their own business.Of course, I am doing my part to help him to think positive, to belive in himself, and to keep the faith.Many times I wished I was actually back in prison. 15 years after my release, I finally took my first vacation this year.Felony conviction: Assault with a Dangerous Weapon. A SHOE. I had an awful lawyer who advised me to plead guilty, which I will regret for my whole life.

He was sentenced to probation and had his records sealed, however this torments him to this day.I never deny the fact I am a convicted felon I do and feel I have done my time, worrying about what would happen.He is currently unemployed, and friends and family tell us, and send us all kinds of employment opportunities.

Explain that you are changed from your experience with the law, that you learned your lesson.The under the table job I recommend is pizza delivery—but in a safe and affluent town.I was introduced to it by a big time crack dealer who got tied up in the whole big Iran contra-coke-Freeway Ricky Ross-Nicuaragua sandanistas thing.This has resulted in life time bans on employment for anyone convicted of a crime.Your one-stop source for the latest career tools, job search tips, and expert advice.Speak directly to the ass that fired you, because he will probably want to play tough guy and make sure you never get a job.

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