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On 14th May 1948 the Nation of Israel was proclaimed, and without delay the British troops left.The Arab Israeli conflict is one of the major dilemmas in the world in the modern history.About half a million Palestinians were displaced during the war.The land remained under the control of Muslims until the Jews were mandated to occupy the land by the United Nations so as to establish Israel (Thompson, 1992).Read The Arab-Israeli Conflict free essay and over 87,000 other research documents.Sharon was a hardliner who would not compromise any of the Israelites land to the Arabs.Palestinian Life under Occupation in the West Bank, Garnet Publishing.

Middle East Research and Information Project (see also Middle East Research and Information Project ).They perceive any call for compromise as toying with Palestine.They embarked on establishing a single and unified Arabic state but with a provision to provide protection for the minority (Jews).When Israel withdrew from the strip of Gaza they hoped that peace between Israel and Palestine would be attained, this was not to be propelling diplomats from all over the world to declare their wish to renew the negotiations.

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The Arab forces made advance towards Sinai and the Golan Height which they lost after 3 weeks in the Yom Kippur war.

On the ground, Arab and Jewish Palestinians were fighting openly to control strategic positions in the region.Deaths and destruction has become the order of the day between Israel and the Arab nations in the Middle East (Cordesman, 1984).Our free online Harvard Referencing Tool makes referencing easy.It was signed at the southern border crossing of Arabah on 26 October 1994 and made Jordan only the second Arab country (after Egypt) to sign a peace accord with Israel.

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In 1956, Egypt closed the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping, and blockaded the Gulf of Aqaba, in contravention of the Constantinople Convention of 1888.

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Palestine has been the object of no less than six major wars, and countless other conflicts in between.

In 1978, Israel launched Operation Litani, in which it together with the South Lebanon Army forced the PLO to retreat north of the Litani river.The Arabs rejected the proposal demanding the end of Jewish migration.Its incumbent therefore for there to be an outside force that should ensure that each of the parties involved do not break the treaties otherwise its in vain that the leadership continues to have one sitting after another deliberating peace deal that they are sure not planning to implement (Dinstein, 1989).The present Israel nation was originally Canaan and was conquered in 1250 B.C by the Jews.

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Find more free essays and other academic papers for colleges and universities here.Immense conflicts were faced as hundreds of thousands of Jews were displaced by the Nazis.The war between Israel and Palestine has a long history, but a history that is not difficult to dissect.Encarta Encyclopedia on the Arab-Israeli Conflict ( Archived 2009-10-31).

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Originally dedicated to the complete annihilation of Israel, the PLO has since come to accept the partition of historic Palestine as the ultimate solution to the conflict.The two parties signed unofficial suggestions on plan to restore peace.

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There are many treaties that have been singed between Israel and the Arabic countries.In May 2000, the newly elected government of Ehud Barak authorized a withdrawal from Southern Lebanon, fulfilling an election promise to do so well ahead of a declared deadline.

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This has brought the two groups into conflict over the rightful possession of Jerusalem.

The southern region (Judah) was conquered by Babylonians who chased the residents (Jews) to exile.Abc news and gaza strip, articles and the territories occupied by israel during the nineteenth century.There have been many wars, terrorist attacks and peace treaties between.On May 28, a Palestinian National Congress was convened at Jerusalem, where it proclaimed the establishment of the organization and set out an official charter, the Palestinian National Covenant.The hoped-for peace was crushed as conflict returned in to their full swing 1996 where Islamic militant groups carried out series of suicide bombings.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Gaza, where Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip in a violent civil war with rival Fatah, Israel placed restrictions on its border with Gaza borders and ended economic cooperation with the Palestinian leadership based there.They have claimed that from 638 B.C when they conquered the land they have been occupying it as their sovereign land.Essay on Arab and Israeli Conflict. concluding all four sources the statements made differ and argue a different point of view from the Israelis and Palestinians and.A History of Modern Israel, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2008, pg. 314.In the past 1,400 years, Muslims have constructed Islamic landmarks on these ancient Israelite sites, such as the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism.The Jews kept protesting against the Roman rule, the protests were put down by Emperor Titus.

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