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Introduction (Include a hook and thesis statement including the points of contrast 1,2, and 3).There are different compare and contrast essay format options that you may use to point out the main similarities and differences between the topics that you are.Depending on your audience and the situation, you may make a joke or a pun, ask a question, or provide a summary of your main point.The next lines in my introduction might look something like this.The introduction is where you introduce your topic both in broad and specific terms.Look for a balance in your paper: you should provide about the same amount of information about each topic to avoid bias.Mark page numbers in books, authors, titles, dates, or other applicable information.

Body Paragraph 1: Similarity between woods and beaches (both are places with a wide variety of things to do).

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This set of overlapping circles can help you visualize where your subjects are similar and where they differ.Compare and Contrast Essay Outline (Block Format) Introduction.

Writers might compare and contrast ideas by treating one idea thoroughly.

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Here is a sample paragraph for a body paragraph that uses point-by-point comparison.

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Many teachers assign topics that ask writers to write an essay comparing and contrasting two or more ideas.

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To introduce your main topic, you ideally want to start with a hook sentence and then detail the specifics of the topic itself.Another a long, author s a formal and contrast essay outline.The topic sentence of my first paragraph might look like this.Conclusion: this sentence wraps up the ideas in the paragraph.

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Any girl whose female relatives thought she might be able to marry up would bind her feet.

Body Paragraph 3: Second difference between woods and beaches (there are more easily accessible woods than beaches in most parts of the country).If this question (or a similar one) is answered twice in this section, please click here to let us know.Spelling and punctuation errors happen to everyone, but not catching them can make you seem lazy.Morgan, on the other hand, is a 50-pound sweetheart who is content with whatever is going on.

The law of attraction says they do, but is this phenomenon limited to humans.A simple outline model is below: Introduction Working Thesis:...This type of organization works best for when you want to emphasize the contrasts between your subjects.Body Paragraph 4: Emphasis on the superiority of the woods to the beach.This version of How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay was reviewed by Megan Morgan on June 15, 2015.Each of your body paragraphs will need to have the three following elements.Compare and Contrast Essay Outline: Point-by-Point Organization.For example, you could choose to compare bats and whales. (One is tiny and flies, and the other is huge and swims, but they both use sonar to hunt.).

This organization presents all the comparisons first, then all the contrasts.

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You want to synthesize your thesis with the information in your body paragraphs.This is an example of Compare and Contrast Essay written by one of our expert. compare. By definition, they.BACKGROUND INFO: Name your two subjects. B. THESIS: State your.A structure like this one seems more focused on the ideas being compared and.

Start early so that you can let your finished draft sit for a day, or at least a few hours.

These points of contrast can often be good places to start thinking about your thesis, or argument.Write a body paragraph for a subject-by-subject compare and contrast essay.It will restate the thesis, but usually in a way that offers more information or sophistication than the introduction could.Many schools refuse to accept Wikipedia as a valid source of information, and prefer sources with more expertise and credibility.We can really understand only those things that are familiar to us or similar.This organization deals with all of the points about Topic A, then all of the points of Topic B.Remember: your audience now has all the information you gave them about why your argument is solid.Take a little time to brainstorm about how your chosen subjects are similar and different.You can also just draw out a list of all of the qualities or characteristics of each subject.

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Writing an essay without an outline is like road tripping without a.A compare and contrast essay is an expository essay that gives information to the reader. An outline for the introduction will look like this: 1A.A quick outline of how a paper comparing and then contrasting corsets and footbinding might look.Kibin editors edit your essay for grammar, logic, clarity, and flow.This method of organization can be unwieldy, so if you choose it, be sure not to let your paragraphs become page-long lists of points about each subject.

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