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Further, part 3 became more like a debate rather than conversation.Writing task 1 was diagram showing the changes in council which will be done in future.We deal with Middle East and North American clients and hence in order to have an overlap of timings for interaction we extend regularly.You need to contact your local test center and discuss the matter with them.Another friend took it on the same day and got questions like what do you think about mirrors.The listening and reading part was quite simple from what i expected it to be.I know that this website really helped me prepare for my IELTS.

Learn skills and techniques for writing an academic report to get.This means you must explain this which will include covering both sides relative to your opinion.So answer each answer in full, adding extra information at all times.The examiner is going to be looking for the four main criteria I mentioned, so make sure your essay looks organized and is easy to understand.Cycling has many benefits but in some countries there is a decrease in the number of people using a bicycle as their main form of transportation.Do you think govt must aid sports facities in the city (something similar to this, cant remember exactly).Informal vs formal diction. use a formal diction when writing academic essays. 20 Infographics That Will Teach You How To Write An Essay Like a Pro If writing an.The woman is seeking information to find out what is the closest library to where she and her family just moved to.The examiner does not know your score for other parts of your test.

Your videos and techniques were really helpful to increase my score from 6 in reading to 9 this time round.The writing test is different for IELTS Academic and IELTS General candidates.Good luck to those of you planning to take an IELTS test in 2016.

The questions are just a chance to showcase your English language.I had that feeling that I wanna talk more because the questions were very interesting, although the least that I expected.Do you think current city public transport is well connect and does it need improvement.Where would you like to live in the future in a house or an apartment.Yeah, that was not easy, i jusy counted myself 12 multiple choice qiestions.The pie chart gives information on UAE government spending in The total budget was AED 315 billion.I have the exact questions but mine was taken on the 19th of June here in Saudi.

Hi, Liz, i have done my speaking test today, i found that it is useful to encourage ielts candidates to share the exam questions here, helping us to prepare the exam.The examiner will only mark your fluency, grammar, vocab and pronunciation.First of all, your videos assisted me a lot in my preparation.

I just vaguely remember it was in relation to magnetic therapy and scientific studies. - Your #1 source for passing the

As you probably know, in IELTS Writing Task 2 (Academic and.

Some people think that they are very expensive and government should spend money on some other important issues.I have given my listening,reading and writing modules on 08-06-2017.and the all these three modules are same for every candidate.Your score is determined in the following manner: you receive a score of 1-9 on the four main criteria.I have given my speaking test today At A hotel ludhaina and the topics are-.

I wanted also to ask you one question about the speaking test of today.In your first paragraph, you might discuss the advantages, while in the second you discuss the disadvantages.If you get (or got) an IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 question on the topic of a modern lifestyle in your test, let me know in the comments section below.Which IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 topics have been common in 2016.How to teach kids to learn respecting, if its important to respect people, how the way to show respect has changed over time etc.Ans: I would like to describe an event of prior (Incorrectly spelled, immediately corrected it saying sheer) importance from history.

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Examiner stoppd me after exact 2 min and i just started explaining my happy experience after explaining the main situation.Like many IELTS General Training Writing Task 2 questions in 2016, a lot of IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 questions have been on the topic of modern lifestyles.

Task1: 2 bar charts, one stating the price per night in different types of hotels (3star, 4star,5 star) with a further divison between small and large hotels.Liz, The words are not exactly as mentioned in the paper, but I have managed to jot down a few I could think of.It is of utmost importance not just to me but to the entire population of the country.Write a letter to my friend giving him instructions on how 1.

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I think I had the same tests as Diya and Nancy (thank you both for the summary).How to write introductions and conclusions for IELTS Academic Task 1.

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